Van Heden

Ted Jorgensen artistically known as “Van Heden” 27, is an upcoming swedish-born house producer currently residing in Canberra, Australia.

Brilliantly executing creative chord progressions, catchy melodies and tantalizing suspense, he leaves the listener eagerly shuffling through his catalog in search of more. With his clean, simple and polished productions it’s not too hard to see why Van Heden gains new fans month after month.

His tracks take a lot of inspiration from dance music, but also draw from the classic Vocal House genre, where the use of repeating percussion and groovy basslines create an immediate good feeling and wanes you towards the dancefloor.

In late 2017 he signed with R3K4CE Publishing.

Cover art for Van Heden’s single “Fly With Me”

In his debut release with R3K4CE Publishing, “Fly With Me” he reverts back to his roots enshrined in progressive house as well as old-school trance music, both playing a crucial inspirational role in this progressive journey. The track received a good reaction from the SoundCloud community, racking up an important number of plays in a short time, and still growing.

Heden looks to continue with upcoming releases in 2018. Including an early tune out on January 12, featuring a less progressive vibe in exchange for a groovier house jam. The song, titled “All Over The World” loosely describes going where one wants freely and finding an escape from routine reality. The track also features a tight bassline, guitars and vocals that add an unforgettable reggae feel to the groove.

For more info or to listen to Van Heden, get at him at the social media links below!

Upcoming Release : All Over The World

Genre : House

Release Date : 01/12/18