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R3K4CE Publishing is a new record label founded in 2017.

As of now the project is very young and ambitious. Starting from the ground up, we are scouting the web for fresh talent to put out to the world.

We don’t believe in restrictions and love all types of music. We do tend to lean towards EDM and Hip Hop/Rap genres. If you think your track/s has what it takes you are more than welcome to submit a demo. If you just want some feedback send it over as well. Music is about improving one’s craft and critiscism is a big part of that.

Currently we do not have an immense amount of resources but as we grow we will be expanding our reach and will be able to provide our distributed artists with enhanced exposure.

Artists receive distribution to over 70 digital stores including major players such as Beatport, Spotify and iTunes among many others. We also have in house promotion which includes blog placements, airplay and insertion into DJ Pools to have new music exposed to a larger audience.

Artists also benefit from affordable prices for mixing, mastering and artwork design for their projects. Our aim is to foster and support musicians without tying them down. Our agreements can be terminated at the artist’s request. We only sign deals on a per track or per album basis and offer artists generous allocations on the royalties collected from their music. As well as complete freedom in their creations.

If you want to be a part of this project and help us enhance our brand as well as yours, send us your demo.

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