Anubis (Fryer Remix)

Fryer is back with an amazing remix of ¨Anubis¨, our first commercial debut. You can listen to that here by the way.

Huge thunderous kicks and a drop featuring that well known signature sound Fryer brings to the masses. This is a huge track, a hell of a banger that takes an already exciting piece of work, and projects a much darker perspective that truly brings out what this track is all about.

We are very proud and impressed with the work ethic put in by the young producer and couldn´t be any happier with the first official remix out on R3K4CE Publishing. This is a sure fire way to kick off 2018 for Fryer as there are many more releases coming and a couple surprises on the way.

You can stream the track on your favorite digital platform or you can get it here.

A fan of this tune? Follow Fryer for more amazing music.


Author: R3K4CE

Music producer out of Montevideo, Uruguay. Has been producing music for over 8 years. Specialized in electronic music production in a variety of musical genres.

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