Van Heden – Fly With Me (Original Mix)


Fly With Me, Heden´s  exclusive Beatport debut is now available.

The highly regarded track has accumulated over 20,000 plays on SoundCloud in less than a week, receiving a positive reaction. It has already attained airplay and has been received by deejays and tastemakers quite favorably. Van Heden looks to follow up with more tunes in rapid fire succession as his success continues to grow.

For the time being, this tune shows the intricacies of Heden´s excellent skills at weaving the listener through several waves of emotion, and a climax that takes you to the skies and beyond. At the end of it all, he leaves the listener in awe, wanting more of the ¨vibeful¨ methodical sounds so common in his productions. Take a listen and show your support for this up and coming artist.

This track is now available on your preferred digital platform. Stream it ’till you hate. We assure you though, you won’t hate it.


Author: R3K4CE

Music producer out of Montevideo, Uruguay. Has been producing music for over 8 years. Specialized in electronic music production in a variety of musical genres.

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