Fly With “Heden”

We are ecstatic to have Ted Jörgensen (a.k.a. Van Heden) on board here at R3K4CE Publishing. Boy, does this guy pack a punch! His latest single “Fly With Me” will be released on November 24th with pre-orders available on the 17th and we have quite a bunch of good things to say about it.

Taking influence from the beloved classic trance genre, this tune lives up to the expectations of modern progressive house. Delivering an uplifting experience sure to get those nostalgic feelings coarsing through your veins yet again.

Perfect for hands up in the air, the build on this track is reminiscent of Van Heden’s musical roots.

Unfortunately for you. You can’t listen to it just yet, but don’t feel so bad. In the meantime you can stop by Van Heden’s SoundCloud page and check out the other tunes he has been working on. We’re sure you won’t regret it.

For more info on this release keep checking back or follow us on social media to receive the info as we put it out to the world.


Author: R3K4CE

Music producer out of Montevideo, Uruguay. Has been producing music for over 8 years. Specialized in electronic music production in a variety of musical genres.

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