Fryer, from Sao Paulo To San Diego

Fryer_Main[1]Marco Ferrari, known artistically as Fryer is punching his way into the EDM scene with his first two commercial releases taking you from high energy dubstep to a more subtle future bass with lush vocals and the perfect reason to playlist the tracks and keep playing`em back.

Huge kicks, tight snares and beautifully produced tunes is what we are all about and Fryer is definitely living up to the expectation.

His dubstep showing ¨Moon¨ has all the makings of an anthem. Carefully crafted melodies and layered synths give this track its unique identity. The drop is floor shattering and is something we hope to hear from Fryer in future releases. He even delivers a breakdown which sounds heavily inspired by the sounds of Infected Mushroom. What can we say, we are very proud to release this track!

His next offering ¨Clouds¨ takes a more tranquil path. The chilled vibes of this future bass track feature powerful and uplifting vocals from sisters Lindsay and Madeline Stauffer. This, paired with the fine production work on this tune makes it a contrasting but potent follow up to ¨Moon¨.

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These tracks are currently available in your preferred digital store.

R3K4CE Publishing is proud to announce the Beatport releases for both of these tracks. They will become available on the following dates respectively.

Moon – Available on Beatport on November 10th

Clouds – Available on Beatport on November 11th

You can listen to “Moon” below :

Author: R3K4CE

Music producer out of Montevideo, Uruguay. Has been producing music for over 8 years. Specialized in electronic music production in a variety of musical genres.

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