Anubis (Fryer Remix)

Fryer is back with an amazing remix of ¨Anubis¨, our first commercial debut. You can listen to that here by the way.

Huge thunderous kicks and a drop featuring that well known signature sound Fryer brings to the masses. This is a huge track, a hell of a banger that takes an already exciting piece of work, and projects a much darker perspective that truly brings out what this track is all about.

We are very proud and impressed with the work ethic put in by the young producer and couldn´t be any happier with the first official remix out on R3K4CE Publishing. This is a sure fire way to kick off 2018 for Fryer as there are many more releases coming and a couple surprises on the way.

You can stream the track on your favorite digital platform or you can get it here.

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All Over The World

We weren’t kidding when we said that we’re glad to have Ted Jörgensen on board at R3K4CE Publishing. When we mentioned his tunes would be coming in rapid succession we were not kidding either.

All Over The World, his latest single takes a different approach from his previous offering Fly With Me. Instead of creating another progressive track, Heden ventured into this new project with fresh ears and created a very catchy house tune. 

Carefully crafted basslines with authentic sounds and reggae style vocals help propel the song forward. His vocal house influences are all over the track. A fresh breath of air before Van Heden returns to more progressive oriented tunes.

Get it here and show your support.

Top Underground Picks

As always, we are scouring the web for fresh music and great talent. Both on social media and on Spotify. We have put together a playlist with 20 powerful songs we compiled from submissions and just plain old random discovery. These tunes range from EDM, to Hip Hop through Jazz and Rock. We all have a story to tell and we believe that good music is not limited by genre. Enjoy!

If you like the tunes, make sure to follow the playlist so you never miss out on the best music from upcoming artists worldwide.

Van Heden – Fly With Me (Original Mix)


Fly With Me, Heden´s  exclusive Beatport debut is now available.

The highly regarded track has accumulated over 20,000 plays on SoundCloud in less than a week, receiving a positive reaction. It has already attained airplay and has been received by deejays and tastemakers quite favorably. Van Heden looks to follow up with more tunes in rapid fire succession as his success continues to grow.

For the time being, this tune shows the intricacies of Heden´s excellent skills at weaving the listener through several waves of emotion, and a climax that takes you to the skies and beyond. At the end of it all, he leaves the listener in awe, wanting more of the ¨vibeful¨ methodical sounds so common in his productions. Take a listen and show your support for this up and coming artist.

This track is now available on your preferred digital platform. Stream it ’till you hate. We assure you though, you won’t hate it.


Q&A With Fryer

Yesterday November 10 was the worldwide release of Fryer’s track “Moon” on Beatport. This has been followed up today with the official Beatport release of his Future Bass tune, “Clouds”.

Both of these tunes are worth their weight and showcase the fact that Fryer is no sluch behind the production desk.

“Moon” has sparked great responses, including a short review by HBT Magazine and has been showcased here on as well.

He has his eyes set on the future with a very ambitious plan for his career. If he keeps churning out tunes like these, it won’t be long before major Deejays / producers pick up on it.

Go ahead and show him your support here.

^^You can download the tracks on Beatport by following the link above!^^

In the midst of all this. We thought it would be a great idea to have a word with Fryer, to get some insight into his past, present and future. We reached out to him on social media and had Adrian ask him a couple of questions. The result of which is below

Fryer Q&A

Adrian : “Who are you and what do you do?

Fryer : “I am originally from São Paulo, Brazil but I moved to San Diego, California three years ago. I am currently on my third year of my degree in Finance at SDSU. School takes a lot of my time so whenever I am free I am either making music or going to concerts with friends.

Adrian : “What is your creative process, how do you usually put together a track?

Fryer : “It really depends on the track. Sometimes I start from the drop and from there I make the rest of the track, and sometimes I come up with the main melody first and write the rest of the track from there.

Adrian : “Is there anything you dislike about your work?

Fryer : “I don’t like my old tracks. I think it’s normal for some producers to feel the same way. I have progressively gotten better the more I practice so when I revisit my old tracks, I don’t like them.”

Adrian : “What is your musical background?

Fryer : “I was always very into music since I was a little kid. I can’t even remember how young I was when my dad introduced me to electronic music by showing me Daft Punk, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys etc. I love all these bands and I still listen to them almost every day.

I have never played any instruments until I started producing. I was around 13 when I bought my first MIDI keyboard but I had no idea how to play it. I would create melodies by ear and by what sounded nice. As I got older, I started learning how to play the piano and even took some private lessons to learn music theory. I still cannot read sheet music but I do not think that has any impact on my creativity when I am making a track.

Adrian : “What is your dream project?

Fryer : “I really want to be able to make a living out of Fryer. Making music is what I love most and it would be a dream to be able to wake up every day and do what I am passionate about. I just started releasing my songs so it is too early for me to expect anything.

Adrian : “What are some tunes that influence your work?

Fryer : “There are so many songs I could list right now. When it comes to Bass Music my influences are definitely Skrillex, Zomboy, Getter and Virtual Riot. However, I could also say that artists like Shaun Frank, Dubvision and KSHMR have also influenced me a lot. I love their work.”

Adrian : “What’s next for Fryer?”

Fryer : “I will keep working hard and learning more every day. You can definitely expect different genres coming from Fryer. I have so many ideas that I want to put together but unfortunately my workflow is slow right now since I also have school to worry about. However, I have many tracks which are done and I am only waiting for the right time to release them so you can expect to listen to some new Fryer tunes very soon!


With Fryer looking towards releasing new music “very soon”. He has made us all here at R3K4CE Publishing eager to know and hear what’s next. With splendid commitment and passion for his craft even with a busy personal life, the quality of his productions have not suffered at all.

Sporting a very versatile style, as shown in the contrast of his first two commercial releases. We can only expect a plethora of variety in the coming months.

Good luck Fryer! You have our full support!

If for whatever reason you’re not following him on social media.

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Instagram (He posts clips of new music he’s working on here. Definitely the place to be if you want to be in the know)




Apple Music



Fly With “Heden”

We are ecstatic to have Ted Jörgensen (a.k.a. Van Heden) on board here at R3K4CE Publishing. Boy, does this guy pack a punch! His latest single “Fly With Me” will be released on November 24th with pre-orders available on the 17th and we have quite a bunch of good things to say about it.

Taking influence from the beloved classic trance genre, this tune lives up to the expectations of modern progressive house. Delivering an uplifting experience sure to get those nostalgic feelings coarsing through your veins yet again.

Perfect for hands up in the air, the build on this track is reminiscent of Van Heden’s musical roots.

Unfortunately for you. You can’t listen to it just yet, but don’t feel so bad. In the meantime you can stop by Van Heden’s SoundCloud page and check out the other tunes he has been working on. We’re sure you won’t regret it.

For more info on this release keep checking back or follow us on social media to receive the info as we put it out to the world.


Fryer, from Sao Paulo To San Diego

Fryer_Main[1]Marco Ferrari, known artistically as Fryer is punching his way into the EDM scene with his first two commercial releases taking you from high energy dubstep to a more subtle future bass with lush vocals and the perfect reason to playlist the tracks and keep playing`em back.

Huge kicks, tight snares and beautifully produced tunes is what we are all about and Fryer is definitely living up to the expectation.

His dubstep showing ¨Moon¨ has all the makings of an anthem. Carefully crafted melodies and layered synths give this track its unique identity. The drop is floor shattering and is something we hope to hear from Fryer in future releases. He even delivers a breakdown which sounds heavily inspired by the sounds of Infected Mushroom. What can we say, we are very proud to release this track!

His next offering ¨Clouds¨ takes a more tranquil path. The chilled vibes of this future bass track feature powerful and uplifting vocals from sisters Lindsay and Madeline Stauffer. This, paired with the fine production work on this tune makes it a contrasting but potent follow up to ¨Moon¨.

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These tracks are currently available in your preferred digital store.

R3K4CE Publishing is proud to announce the Beatport releases for both of these tracks. They will become available on the following dates respectively.

Moon – Available on Beatport on November 10th

Clouds – Available on Beatport on November 11th

You can listen to “Moon” below :